Thread of Fate pre-orders open AUG 1st to SEPT 7th!!!
Thread of Fate pre-orders open AUG 1st to SEPT 7th!!!
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Tracking information will be included in both domestic and international orders. Exact shipping dates are subject to change - please follow us on twitter @p4pzines for the latest updates regarding production and shipping. Digital versions will be sent once shipping on current project is complete. 




Previews, contributors, and production/shipping updates on the current project are available on twitter @P4Pzines and tumblr @p4pzines.

Delivery estimates are subject to change.

By purchasing this item you agree to our terms and conditions below:

Terms and Conditions


By purchasing this product you acknowledge the following:

- This purchase is for personal use only; no commercial use or reproduction is allowed under any circumstance.

- You understand and agree that this is a pay-for-production purchase using P4Pzines as a third party go-between. As such, minor fluctuations in grade might be present, though P4Pzines will take all reasonable steps to ensure top quality. 

- Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the P4Pzines team reserves the right to delay shipment dates in accordance with local (US) regulations. Please follow us on twitter @P4Pzines to stay up to date with production and shipping news

-By purchasing any P4Pzines products, you are verifying that you are 18 years of age or older.

Customs and Taxes:

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Buyers acknowledge that the P4Pzines team is not liable for any delays due to shipping or customs once packages are remitted to the post office.

Shipping and Packaging:

PDF Download:

- A link to the PDF will be emailed to the email address provided with the order AFTER all physical orders have been shipped

- The PDF is for personal use only and not for commercial distribution

Physical Products:

- Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the variability of carriers, we cannot guarantee delivery dates.

- Purchasers will be able to track their orders through a provided link.

- Please check here for international shipping restrictions prior to purchasing:

Replacements and Refunds:

P4Pzines will be responsible for replacing or refunding orders only in the following instances:

- Orders that are lost due to organizer negligence in labeling the package (e.g. address on label does not match address on order)

- Orders that are incorrect due to organizer negligence (e.g. package contents do not match the order placed)

P4Pzines is NOT responsible for replacing or refunding orders in the following instances:

- Orders that are lost due to incorrect or invalid shipping addresses entered by the buyer

- Orders that are shipped to an old address without notice from the buyer

- Orders that are damaged during shipment or through shipping company negligence and mishandling (e.g. packages bent to fit in mailboxes, left out in the rain by carriers, etc.).

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact P4Pzines at

P4Pzines reserves the right to cancel and/or refund orders should buyers violate any of these terms and conditions.